Stainless Steel Repairs


UMT Marine is well respected and trusted by discerning yacht owners, captains and boat yards in the repair of any damaged stainless steel on a vessel. Stainless steel yacht railings in particular are vulnerable to accidents and unexpected weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

During a severe storm event, rub rails, hoop rails, gates, stainless arches and general stainless railings are often bent and damaged severely. UMT technicians have over 20 years experience in the assessment and repair of damaged stainless goods.

Either schedule an onsite appointment where the damage can be determined first hand or send us pictures of the damage in order to get an estimate for repairs.

Stainless steel anchor pockets and anchor rollers are also commonly damaged through accidental usage and storm activity, in addition to general wear and tear. UMT can remove and completely refurbish, straighten and re-polish both anchor pockets and anchor rollers to bring them back to their nearly new condition. The same service is often performed on damaged anchors.

Our UMT stainless specialists can travel and do repairs both on the vessel itself or dismantle and perform the complete repair in our Fort Lauderdale facility.

In the unfortunate event that you face a damaged set of railings, rest assured that UMT Marine will get things back to perfect.