Lifting Harnesses

Now, you can lift virtually any size boat...with the right harness. UMT Marine provides a quality crafted lifting harness product line that is safe, secure and highly maneuverable. It’s the type of safety and security you would expect from UMT Marine products.


Lifting Harness

UMT Marine fabricates custom (made to order) lifting harnesses for multiple types of tenders. We also carry personal watercraft lifting bridles and fabricate custom (made to order) strong backs. Every lifting harness and strong back is fabricated completely from 316 type stainless steel cable. In addition, cables are clear coated for handling safety.



Lifting Harness - We Have Them For Every Application

Don’t think that you’re limited in finding the right lifting harness. Again, UMT Marine delivers. Our lifting harness is highly precision crafted and a very strong apparatus for raising, lowering or storing your craft. Cables and straps are strongly attenuated to conform with the weight potential of the lifting harness, so you can be assured of utmost safety and security with every lifting movement.


Don’t leave this critically important function to potentially inferior equipment. A UMT Marine lifting harness will deliver peace of mind and consistent product reliability, each and every time you use it.


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