TV Enclosures

Whether stationary or foldable - manual or electric - TV enclosures are especially fabricated for marine applications and for unique marine environments.

TV enclosures present  UMT Marine with a unique opportunity to demonstrate how old world craftsmanship combines to help deliver modern technology within the confines of diverse and demanding configurations. UMT's manufacturing expertise is very evident with these products, widely available for any customized fit.

UMT Marine offers the versatility of indoor or outdoor utilization for its TV enclosures. The choice is yours. UMT will custom design and fabricate your TV enclosure for any application with optimum manufacturing pride and craftsmanship.

Grill, swim or just relax on your boat with a custom crafted TV enclosure that won't inhibit your picture. Todays's high definition televisions demand form and functionality that works well in marine environments while offering an optimum entertainment experience. UMT Marine excels with TV enclosures that will enhance and maximize your marine lifestyle.


Click the link below to view installed and completed projects of actual customer’s vessels