UMT Marine continues to distinguish itself with a diverse and quality crafted line of products for marine professionals. UMT boat arches continue the tradition. With many different styles of custom crafted arches, UMT is an industry leader.

Boat arch standards are high, resulting in boat arches that are aesthetically beautiful, highly functional, contemporary and sleek. A UMT representative can also discuss custom requirements for any type of marine application. Just ask us.

UMT can fabricate boat arches out of marine grade aluminum or stainless steel. The choice is yours. Our boat arches are fixed and hinged for bridge access. Hinged versions are fabricated to be manually lowered or electrically raised and lowered. UMT can also modify an existing arch to add or remove features.

Like all UMT Marine products, boat arches are our personal statement to design simplicity, product durability, functionality and beauty.

Arches are as versatile and customized as the user’s needs. Whether for fishing, radar or a multitude of other uses, UMT Marine scores big once again with high quality, old world style craftsmanship that boat owners and marine industry professionals have come to expect.

UMT Marine meets the high demand for radar arches with customized configurations representing product quality, resilience and amazing beauty and durability. It’s a hallmark of UMT Marine.

Arches accommodate halogen lights, antennas and a wide variety of other accessories. Whatever the mount, UMT Marine delivers.




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