26 Jan

Providing Quality Custom Metal Work for Yachts

Providing Quality Custom Metal Work for Yachts UMT Marine started 17 years ago in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as a custom metal fabrication shop, providing high-quality solutions for luxury yachts. Today, UMT continues that tradition of highly crafted custom metal work in aluminum and stainless steel for discerning captains, boat owners, service yards and boat manufacturers.

In addition to its fine custom work, UMT has developed a quality line of lifting and boarding products. In 2008, Henry Geddes acquired UMT and began transforming the already respected company into an industry leader. Together with UMT manager, Chris Tomaszewski, Geddes began a plan to rebrand UMT and revitalize the company.

Critical to the plan was a need to upgrade and launch new, innovative and quality products manufactured in Fort Lauderdale. Supplying the industry with products made in the USA as an alternative to European lines, UMT can now offer not only very competitive pricing, but products backed with local support and service.

New products It has been nearly two years in the making, and UMT is thrilled to announce the triple launch of three new products: 1. The new G-Series 2500-4500lb. davits 2. New contemporary, lightweight and strong sea stairs made from aluminum and carbon fiber 3. Newly designed, handicap-accessible passerelles/transom gangways for the 40- to 60-foot range.

"We have been asked time and time again to service and fix the European-made davits and passerelles," said Geddes. "They look nice, but are often a nightmare in functionality and service ability." UMT's new products incorporate a European style aesthetic with the technical reliability and simple functionality that all UMT products are known for.

Geddes adds: "I have a passion for design and no tolerance for complicated and unnecessary functionality and that is the inspiration behind our new products."

Excellent service "UMT has the hard-earned reputation on delivering products and custom projects quicker than anyone else," said Tomaszewski. "Rest assured we know how critical it is that our customers get an accurate and reliable delivery date." Trusted by all the major tender and inflatable manufacturers, UMT is the go-to resource for chocks, tie-downs and davits. "When it comes to getting your new tender/inflatable to fit your boat, UMT is the leading and most experienced company in this area," said Tomaszewski.

"We have been helping lift and secure tenders/inflatables for all different types of boats in various positions for many years, creatively and safely." Having excellent products is not the only reason for UMT's success. "The company's service completes this equation and is second to none." Geddes said. "We have a service team that will do whatever it takes to get your project taken care of." To illustrate how important UMT's service team is, Tomaszewski adds:

"Our service team is called upon weekly to help fix and service products and jobs of our competition." Armed with a passion to innovate new products backed by service excellence and teamwork along with an eye on growing and developing markets within and outside of Florida, UMT is excited about the future.

For more information, contact UMT at 877- 673-9509 or visit www.umtmarine.com.

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