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UMT Marine Launches New Yacht Davits for a New Year

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 00:00

UMT Marine is starting off the year with an updated line of davits, the Explorer series. This line will be a stronger and more versatile version of the original T Series Davit.

As always, UMT Marine took the aesthetics of the new line seriously with a modern, low-profile, stylish look for 2013. Custom colors are available.The UMT Explorer Davit is a lightweight, compact, full 4 function yacht davit designed for easy one person operation and can fit in tight spaces. The Explorer line is available in 800lb. and 1200lb. capacity and offers a wide range reach.

UMT Marine Creates New Division in Response to Major Storms Creating Higher Demand for Stainless Steel Repairs on Yachts

Saturday, 22 December 2012 00:00

UMT Marine is ramping up their stainless steel repairs division.

Boat owners from Maine to Texas have a reason to become edgy in the late summer and fall: Each year, on average, two hurricanes will come ashore somewhere along the Gulf or Atlantic coasts, destroying homes and damaging boats. Florida is struck most often, but every coastal state is a potential target.

UMT Custom Twin Davits - Windtraveler Blog

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 12:46

Our new davits are a thing a beauty. Those of you who aren't really boat people might not recognize this fact, but for those of you who are: please, take a moment to appreciate the stainless steel art that is hanging off the back of our boat.  Sigh.  I am so excited how this turned out I cannot even tell you.

I first approached UMT Marine because when it comes to custom stainless steel work, they are the best.  Their expertise, however, comes at a price.  We were beyond ecstatic when they agreed to partner with us to design and create our dinghy davits.  We had considered buying pre-manufactured davits but were concerned about the look and strength of them.  Not to mention, our pushpit (back of the boat) is unique and quirky because of two bucket seats back there. We love those seats and didn't want to compromise their comfort or functionality with davits that got in the way.  Enter UMT.

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